As an anthropology major, getting to know people and their ways of life is my passion. Every culture has something unique and wonderful to offer and I have made it a goal to learn as much as I can. As I learn, I feel it is important to also share what I am learning with others, and I believe that most people are interested in seeing how others live. And if they aren’t, well I guess they aren’t reading this blog anyways.

In one of my major classes I read an article by Richard Shrewder titled “Why do Men Barbeque?: Recipes for Cultural Psychology.” Within this article was an idea that really struck me and is summarized well in this quote: “The knowable world is incomplete if seen from any one point of view, incoherent if seen from all points of view at once, and empty if seen from nowhere in particular.” I think about this quote often and it has become a sort of motto for me. It is impossible to not have a view on life which means everyone has some sort of bias, and that bias is very flawed and narrow if the world is looked at through the scope of only our individual lives. However, it is also impossible to understand absolutely everything about every culture and viewpoint. The balance is tricky to find, but life is so much better if we try. When we take the time to learn about other cultures we uncover more similarities than differences and eventually this can bring us all together, where other things would try to pull us apart.

While I do still have biases, my hope through this blog is to try and provide a more authentic and first-hand view of the people I live with and spread awareness of the beauty of other cultures and to learn to always question information they are exposed to. Learn to see the world from “manywheres” and to try and look at all sides of a story and people before deciding anything about them.

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